Captain Nobody- Finished!!!!


It’s pretty obvious that Chris is a hero in Newt’s eyes, and, by the time the story is over, Chris feels the same way about Newt. Is there anyone you know -- within or outside your family -- who you look up to? Why?


Captain Nobody- Chapter 18 & 19

cn.jpeg  Newt is afraid of heights; JJ is scared of spiders; and Cecil gets creeped out by plastic garbage bags. Is there anything unusual that frightens you?


Captain Nobody- Chapter 13

cn.jpeg When Newt watches the little video on his dad’s phone of Chris in his hospital bed, on page 95, he says that, “my eyes stung and I couldn’t think of anything to say.” What do you imagine Newt was feeling at that moment?


Captain Nobody- Chapter 10, 11 & 12


The first day that Newt shows up at school dressed at Captain Nobody, he gets a lot of different reactions. If one of your classmates came to school tomorrow looking and dressing differently, how do you think you would react? How would your classmates and your teacher react?


Captain Nobody- Chapter 8 & 9


After Chris is taken to the hospital, Newt tries to help out around the house by making breakfast and taking phone messages. When someone in your family gets sick, what can you do -- or what have you done -- to help out while they got better?